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Program Details:

The focus of this program is first to identify and remove your blocks and patterns around love, loving/accepting yourself; then to re-wire your mind into feeling lovable, enough and worthy by using the extraordinary power of hypnosis. 

There will also be weekly teachings where you will learn tools and techniques to transform your relationship first with yourself and then with the others. 


Group Hypnosis sessions: 

(RTT:Rapid Transformational Therapy)


1) Regression : Discovering the root of your issues, your limiting beliefs, old stories, patterns around relationships, love, and self worth

2) Reframe : Removing the old limiting believes

3) Transformation : Programming the mind with new freeing believes, self love, self esteem, confidence and allowing to be the authentic self


Weekly Live Zoom Sessions

 Weekly teachings where you will learn tools and techniques to have a better relationship first with yourself and then to the others. 


Life time access to the hypnosis recording that re-wires your mind to be open to receive and give the highest frequencies of love, to be confident and to acquire a phenomenal self love and self esteem 


1 free private coaching with Asli Ipek


Weekly Zoom meetings Thursdays at 09:00am PST / 12:00pm EST / 6pm CET

Duration: 1 hour

Starts July 13, 2023

--> Next course coming up in September 2023


650 EUR

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